BIGGer Than Life Episode 5

Dated: 05/27/2020

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Who doesn’t love warmer weather and longer days? With summer coming and more outdoor spaces reopening, there is plenty of good news. Plus, in episode 5 of BIGGer than Life, Jill answers questions about what is currently happening in the local real estate market. 

Some Good News Hoboken and Jersey City

Two NICU nurses (neonatal intensive care unit) - if you don’t know what that is, think babies - are offering virtual classes to support first-time moms and their partners. And I know if you're a first time Mom, it's a super stressful time. So Brittany and Megan are Hudson County residents, and they know that first-time parents often need a lot of help, especially in this kind of time. So they created Bright & Baby, which offers virtual one-on-one newborn classes. If you're having a baby, check it out. 

Bigger gatherings are now being allowed, up to 25 people. That's of course, outdoors with social distancing. How fabulous is it with warm weather coming that you can now be around more people? Plus, recreational campgrounds are now open. Being that it's so nice out and everybody's looking for something else to do, I'm thinking go get an RV and have a different activity!

For all you Jersey City people, this is super exciting. Hamilton Park, Van Vorst Park, and Lincoln Park are now reopening. You still need to wear a mask and keep your dogs on a leash, but it’s exciting. For my family, the tennis courts in certain places have reopened. I don’t know about you, but I’m planning on grabbing a racquet and getting out there. 

Q&A with Jill Biggs

There’s a lot of talk about low inventory. What does this mean for sellers? What about buyers?

If you're a seller, low inventory means you should probably put your house on the market now. You're going to get traffic because there are definitely buyers out now looking. And if a whole bunch more inventory comes on the market, buyers have more choices. So if you can pull it together, do it now.

As for buyers, it depends on your timeframe. If you intend to make a move, you need to get in and do it quickly. That means if you see something hit the market, don't wait for two weeks because it's going to be gone. Act fast. 

With these current times, how long is it taking to close a home?

We're still able to close the home in our standard time frame. Typically that's 45 to 60 days. If we have some issues, it’s usually with the bigger banks getting held up in the process. If you steer yourself towards local lenders, it's easier because there's more control, but closings are happening either way.

Are virtual open houses effective?

This question is coming from not just sellers, but also other realtors. They want to know if virtual open houses are gaining any attention. I gotta say, I never would have thought that I'd be sitting here in my home office doing virtual open houses, but I actually had a bidding war based on one. So yes, I would say they're super effective. 

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