6 Tips To Maximize Your Kitchen Space

Dated: July 20 2020

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Many homes and rentals come with kitchens that are tight on space. Limited counter space, non-existent storage - there’s nothing worse than a kitchen that feels crowded. All you need to transform your kitchen into a more functional space is a bit of creativity, a few tools, and some simple home maintenance skills. 

Even when you feel like you’re utilizing your space as much you possibly can, there are still plenty of ways to squeeze even more storage out of your kitchen. Here’s how: 

Donate First 

First things first, before you add any additions to your kitchen make sure to get rid of all things you aren’t using anymore. Do you really need 5 different plastic spatulas? Someone else might get better use of it and you’ll thank yourself later for decluttering. 

Go Vertical

The kitchen has some unique opportunities to add additional storage and including vertical storage is always a  go-to. If you have extra wall space, it might be perfectly suited for a pegboard where you can hang pots, pans, and utensils. Even if your space is limited, magnetic knives or hooks for towels will fit perfectly above your sink. If your cabinets don’t reach the ceiling, this open space is a prime spot for additional storage. Add a few shelves for items that you don’t use on a daily basis. 

Islands & Foldable Tables

A kitchen island is a versatile tool to add counter space to your kitchen. If your island has wheels, it can serve as a portable bar for the next time you have company over! Don’t have room for an island? Try installing a foldable table. Not only can you prepare and eat food, but it can double as a  desk you can fold up when you’re done working. 

Bookshelves Are Your New Best Friend 

A small bookcase is a kitchen’s best friend. Not only are they narrow, but they come in a variety of heights and different shelving options. They can hold pots, pans, dishes, food items, or even display your grandmother’s antique plate collection. Install a few hooks to hang your aprons or lightweight tools and you’ve fully maximized your storage space!

Clear Your Counters

Counter space is always lacking in a smaller kitchen, but there's an easy fix: Get a cutting board that fits over the sink to create extra space for chopping. Many even have built-in colanders to help make cooking easier. 

Add Interior Cabinet Organizers 

Take advantage of inside your cabinets by placing risers. This will help keep items separated so you don’t have to pick something out of the middle of a huge stack. Organizing drawers into compartments can also help you make the most of your storage space. 

Small kitchens are always a challenge. But no matter how uniquely challenging your space might be, use these tips to set up your kitchen that embraces your inner chef. 

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